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    Hey ,

    First of all -> great library! Networking has never been easier!

    After I managed to establish communication with my unmanaged clients I’m trying to check if they are “Alive”

    If I use ConnectionAlive() method it does return only false everytime I use it… Is there a other way to check if unmanaged clients are still connected ?


    Heya Raftech,

    Welcome to our forums and thank-you for your support of NetworkComms.Net.

    One of the main reasons NetworkComms.Net implements it’s own application protocol is to make it possible to incorporate features such as connection alive checking.

    The TCP protocol does not really include any reliable support for making sure a connection is still alive. Unfortunately that means you have to incorporate these things yourself for unmanaged clients.



    Hey Marc!

    Thanks very much. Well I just wanted to check. I think I will incorporate task assigned to each client that got connected that will periodically do “ping”

    In this particular instance … I must use RAW communications.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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