Networking made easy, out of the box.

Multiple Platforms

Our C# network library is available across a large range of platforms including .Net2+, Mono, Unity3d, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, Windows Phone 8, Windows RT etc.

High Performance

Support for 1000+ connections with data rates of 1Gbps+. Our network library includes many additional features which can be used to maximise the efficient usage of available network bandwidth and or system resources.


Any library is incomplete without an extensive range of documentation and support. We offer a large number of examples and tutorials, online API and responsive forums to ensure all your requirements are met.

Some features at a glance

iconLimitless Potential

NetworkComms.Net was developed so that high performance network functionality could be effortlessly added to any .Net product. We wanted to require little to no knowledge of networking to make things work first time alongside all of the desirable power features for more experienced network developers. Using our C# network library you can quickly and easily create an unlimited range of products taking advantage of:

  • Server to Clients – One to Many
  • Peer to Peer – Many to Many
  • Cloud to Client – Many to One
  • … and all configurations in-between!

Interconnected devices using network library

Get started, try NetworkComms.Net today!

  • Add networking in minutes, not weeks
  • Examples and tutorials included
  • Online support available

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