We offer the following support options for our network library:

  1. Getting Started – Please first see our getting started article if you have downloaded one of our packages and are having issues getting started.
  2. Forums – If you have come across a problem our existing documentation does not appear to cover please feel free to post on our forums.
  3. Tutorials – We have an extensive number of online tutorials and worked examples that you can use to familiarise yourself with our network library. If you would like to see a specific tutorial or example please post on our forums.
  4. API – To explore the features we offer in detail or to familiarise yourself with the workings of a specific function please see our online API.
  5. Submit Bug – If you have a found an error in the source code or a usage case which should but doesn’t work please feel free to submit a bug report.

You can also ask for support privately via email (support@networkcomms.net) but please be aware we prioritise our existing commercial support obligations.