We provide the following tutorials in the hope they make it easier to discover and use the wide range of features provided by our network library. If there is a particular feature you are unsure of please let us know so that we can create a bespoke tutorial.

Introductions – Start Here

Feature Demonstrations

  • TCP & UDP Connections – Introduces the flexible transport protocols available.
  • Custom Objects – How to create custom objects which can be sent and received using our network library.
  • Enable Logging – Demonstrates how to take advantage of the logging features provided by our network library.
  • Exception Handling – Introduces the exceptions generated by NetworkComms.Net and how they should be handled.
  • Multiple Adapter Support – Discusses the features providing flexible multiple adapter support.
  • Send Receive Options – Describes the send/receive flexibility introduced by SendReceiveOptions.
  • Synchronous Send and Receive – How to make a synchronous data request hiding the asynchronous behavior of networking.
  • UDP Broadcasting – Shows how UDP broadcasting can be used to signal many clients in one operation.
  • StreamSendWrapper – Introduction to the features which make sending large files easy.
  • Using Encryption – An introduction to the encryption features.

Worked Examples

A full archive of tutorials can be found here.