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    Hello ,

    First of all excuse for my “noob” question however development 🙂 is not my strongest skill.

    I have managed to build a WPF server using networkcomms library and at the moment if I build client with use of NetworkComms he connects perfectly fine and I can see his messages coming in.

    However if I have clients that try to connect using sockets (for example a powershell script)

    $socket2 = new-object System.Net.Sockets.TcpClient("localhost",6789)
    $stream2 = $socket2.GetStream()
    $writer2 = new-object System.IO.StreamWriter $stream2
    $writer2.WriteLine("my name is Jerry123456")

    and specyfing IP and port they seems not to connect. Also those clients would send byte[] as data (I have even adjusted the incoming packet handler to support this )

    This is just an example as I plan to have clients on which I will have only control to specyfi only port and IP for TCP connection.

    Therefore I would like to know is it possible to handle those clients with the use of NetworkComms library?


    Heya Raftech,

    Welcome to our forums and thank-you for your support of NetworkComms.Net.

    90% of the cool features possible in our network library exist because we implement our own high performance application protocol. Any clients that attempt to communicate with your NetworkComms.Net clients will not be using this protocol.

    To successfully communicate with external clients you will need to use our unmanaged connection feature. For an example of this please see the unmanaged connection example included in the download bundle.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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