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    Hi thanks for providing this library.

    I have programmed a working server client application, which works perfectly on the normal internet.

    Now I tried it in the intended setting of an ad-hoc (wifi) Network and the application fails with (“Actively Refused Connection”) on port 10000.

    Firewalls are down and I switched the Ad-hoc to a Home Network (by default it is Public). It continues to refuse the connection. Since the Netbooks are not always available to me, I would need a guess, if ad-hoc refuse by default high port numbers.

    Any ideas about the specialities in an ad-hoc Network I have to take care off?

    The ad-hoc works fine since months with another software (not from me) and VLC and so on.

    OS: Windows 7 Basic on two netbooks.

    Development Machine is Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit.

    Although I dont think that makes a difference as the program works fine on the Netbooks with Access Point Network. I never hooked the Development machine up to an adhoc.

    VS C# 2010


    Hey Ankhenaten, many thanks for your interest in our network library and welcome to our forums.

    Any ideas about the specialities in an ad-hoc Network I have to take care off?


    If you have existing network applications that work over the adhoc network I would check that your server application is definitely listening on port 10000. Please use something along these lines:

    List<EndPoint> localListeningEndPoints = (connectionTypeToUse == ConnectionType.TCP ? Connection.ExistingLocalListenEndPoints(ConnectionType.TCP) : Connection.ExistingLocalListenEndPoints(ConnectionType.UDP));
    foreach(IPEndPoint localEndPoint in localListeningEndPoints)
        Console.WriteLine("{0}:{1}", localEndPoint.Address, localEndPoint.Port);

    If you find that the server application is listening on the expected port then please post back.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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