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Okay I was distracted with some bug fixing, but I’ve returned to this issue. I’ve created a new project that doesn’t throw errors anymore (removing the foreach loop after DiscoverPeers fixed the error), but it still doesn’t discover peers:

//Both server and client must be discoverable
//Write out the network adaptors that are discoverable
Console.WriteLine(“\nPeer Identifier: ” + NetworkComms.NetworkIdentifier);
Console.WriteLine(“\nDiscoverable on:”);
foreach (IPEndPoint localEndPoint in Connection.ExistingLocalListenEndPoints(ConnectionType.UDP))
Console.WriteLine(“{0}:{1}”, localEndPoint.Address, localEndPoint.Port);

Dictionary<ShortGuid, Dictionary<ConnectionType, List<EndPoint>>> discoveredPeerEndPoints = PeerDiscovery.DiscoverPeers(PeerDiscovery.DiscoveryMethod.UDPBroadcast);

Assuming there is some sort of bug with the lib is there an ETA for a hotfix?

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