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Hi MarcF
Thanks for your response.
encounter this problem,Not only AliveTestPacket-Request ,but also other my custom type.
error message like this:

Base Exception Type: NetworkCommsDotNet.UnexpectedPacketTypeException: The received packet type ‘AgreeOrReject’ has no configured handler and NetworkComms.Net is not set to ignore unknown packet types. Set NetworkComms.IgnoreUnknownPacketTypes=true to prevent this error.
my server code:
ResMessage resMessage = connection.SendReceiveObject<FileContract, ResMessage>(“ReqSendFileToClient”, “ClientAgreeOrReject”, 5000, fileContract, aboveNormalOptions, aboveNormalOptions);

my Client code:
private void IncomingReqSendFile(PacketHeader header, Connection connection, FileContract fileContract)
ResMessage resMessage = new ResMessage(“Agree”);

connection.SendObject(“ClientAgreeOrReject”, resMessage);


1: I encounter this problem when I download files.
2: I Encounter this problem when I use SendReceiveObject method.

So I guess the reason may be relevant to SendReceiveObject method or the timeout

Kind regards,