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Heyup Guys,

Many thanks for the help msdc123. The following code is correct for listening on port 10000:

TCPConnection.StartListening(new IPEndPoint(IPAddress.Parse(""), 10000));

but it is important to know that if port 10000 is unavailable, NetworkComms.Net will automatically fail over to a random port. If a port is unavailable and you would rather have an exception when calling TCPConnection.StartListening.

The solution is to check which port was used on the server:

Console.WriteLine("Listening for messages on:");
foreach (System.Net.IPEndPoint localEndPoint in Connection.ExistingLocalListenEndPoints(ConnectionType.TCP)) 
    Console.WriteLine("{0}:{1}", localEndPoint.Address, localEndPoint.Port);

Once you have confirmed the correct listening port, if you still have problems, please post back.