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Sorry for not getting back to you sooner.

A unity webplayer dll would be great if it’s easy enough to do.

I don’t remember which projects had the issue and I’m out of the office at the moment, I’ll check on Monday and get back to you.
I do remember finding some references to System.Configuration when I searched the entire solution, I think they were part of some build files or configuration files.

I spoke too soon when I said it worked perfectly in the webplayer. It works in the editor when configured for webplayer but it needs a few more changes to work in the release browser webplayer, due to some of the security sandbox restrictions.

In TcpConnection::Connect(), after the BeginConnect call, the WaitOne function overload that includes the Boolean isn’t supported, but the one without it is.

The .Net subset the web player uses also doesn’t allow unsafe code, so I set the DataSerializer to use the windows phone and iOS code, it was throwing an expeption at the array serialization.

Also, just to be sure, I changed the protobuff dll to a unity specific protobuff dll.

Sorry if there’s some mistakes in the class names above, I’ll double check them when I get back to the computer.