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Heya Marc,

Many thanks for your interest in NetworkComms.Net. One of the great things about the library is that it does all of the network/connection management for you. For example if you would like a TCP connection to the ip address on port 10000 you simply retrieve it using:

Connection newConnection = TCPConnection.GetConnection(new ConnectionInfo(“”, 10000));

The advantage of this approach is that should the connection already exist, regardless where you try to use the connection via TCPConnection.GetConnection() you get the existing connection. If the connection does not already exist then it is created for you. A good demonstration of this usage can be found the in the WPF chat example tutorial, https://networkcomms.net/creating-a-wpf-chat-client-server-application/.

Once you have the connection you can then send as you mention using newConnection.SendObject() etc.

We have had some issues with version 2.1 in unity3d but please download the current alpha version of v2.2 using this temporary link https://networkcomms.net/downloads/NetworkCommsDotNetCompleteDLL_Net2_v2.2.0-Alpha.zip.

If you have any other problems please let us know,