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Upon further investigation the client is not compressing it is on the return from the server that it is compressing. We are passing in the same connection options for both the send and receive. But looks like in the server side that the information is lost. Here are relevant code parts:


SendReceiveOptions ProtoOnly = new SendReceiveOptions (DPSManager.GetDataSerializer<ProtobufSerializer>(),null,null );

mst = server.SendReceiveObject<MsgSimpleText>(“SimpleIntReturnScenario”, “SimpleIntReturnType”, 2500, msi,ProtoOnly ,ProtoOnly );


NetworkComms.AppendGlobalIncomingPacketHandler<MsgSimpleInt>(“SimpleIntReturnScenario”, HandleSimpleIntReturn);

private static void HandleSimpleIntReturn(PacketHeader header, Connection connection, MsgSimpleInt msi)
//Thread.Sleep(4000); // Test timeout situation.
MsgSimpleText mst = new MsgSimpleText();
mst.Text = “The value you sent was: ” + msi.Number.ToString();
Console.WriteLine(“SimpleInt Value was: ” + msi.Number.ToString() + ” sending a SimpleText Object back”);
connection.SendObject(“SimpleIntReturnType”, mst,connection.ConnectionDefaultSendReceiveOptions );

I see the AppendGlobalIncomingPacketHandler allows for a server options object. But how does it get it from the client request?