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Hi Marc,

I’ll explain my scenario the best I can:
I Have one server running in port i.e. 7000. This server can address different data depending on one parameter of the message. If it has “Hello”, it will forward the request to a class “Hello” and allow it to process and return. If it receives “World”, it will forward the request to the “World” class and so forth.

Basically, the main server acts like an entry point/router for the sub classes to handle the work.

Then, I have the client.
The client has multiple connections to the same server. Each connection is supposed to handle one and only one of the behaviours of the server, and, of course, each one will receive the reply that it is supposed to receive.

The current implementation (without my workaround) is simply impossible. The replies will go to some client. It is almost random.

Let me know if this description is enough.


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