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Hi there,

Any update on when we would have the fix for UDP discovery on Android?
Also, I have 3 more simple questions, hope you could help. (Not sure where else to ask these questions).

1. When I try the TcpPortScan (scanning for peers), I cannot find any of the peers (listening on Tcp) on the local network. I am just following the sample provided but instead of UDP I am trying TcpPortScan.

2. When I scan for peers using UDP, I could only find the udp endpoints available, not the TCP open ports. I would assume that this is the normal behaviour, but how would I find out what TCP ports (peers) on the local network?

3. When a peer is found using UDP, it gives 4 different IP addresses (for the found peer), many of which are not usable (,, etc). How could I know which IP Address to use?

Thanks heaps for your help in advance.