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Hi Marc,

Thanks for the replies. I was wondering what you were talking about then i re read one of my previous posts.

I think you picked me up wrong about the 200ms delay. This is a delay that i have put in (Sleep(200)).
Since it was a simulation of a chat server i didn’t want the messages to be sent straight one after another.

In terms of actual send time from client to server i was looking at an average of roughly between 0.8 and 2+ ms per send depending on load.

This was for 4 send threads, so most of the time 4 sends were being attempted simultaneously. I assume you have some internal synchronisation logic which slows things down if you attempt multiple sends at the same time?

When i ramped down to a single sending thread, i was getting an average of 0.3 ms as the minimum. This was with a single client just bouncing messages of the server every 200ms.