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The use case you have just described is not the same as the one in which you would like to deploy NetworkComms.Net. In particular the started processes run within different execution environments (i.e. oranges and apples). We have many developers using NetworkComms.Net to communicate with thousands of servers, all simultaneously, without issue.

Any good developer worth their salt is typically happy to justify their design structure, just as we have been happy to do, many times, over the past several years. My questions are important as they allow me to better understand you desired goals, I have absolutely no desire to offend anyone.

I will try to prioritise this issue over the next few days but as I alluded to in my previous post I believe there is a high probability that this is caused due to an OS limitation. If you attempt to create 100K+ simultaneous connections from within only two processes, i.e. one client, one server, there is no issue. The executed code in both circumstances is identical, again supporting the idea of an OS limitation.