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I have just tested the original example, without any problems:

class CustomObject
    public CustomObject()


public static void RunExample()
    //Append a packet handler that will get executed when the server receives a "RequestCustomObject" packetType.
    //Note: The expected incoming object type here is irrelevant because the client is not providing an object
    //If the client does not provide an object when sending the incoming object is set to GetDefault(Type).
    NetworkComms.AppendGlobalIncomingPacketHandler<int>("RequestCustomObject", (packetHeader, connection, input) =>
        //For this short example we just reply with a new CustomObject
        CustomObject myCustomObject = new CustomObject();

        //When this is received by the client it will complete the synchronous request
        connection.SendObject("CustomObjectReply", myCustomObject);

    //Start listening for incoming TCP connections
    Connection.StartListening(ConnectionType.TCP, new IPEndPoint(IPAddress.Any, 10000));

        //Create a connectionInfo object that specifies the target server
        ConnectionInfo connectionInfo = new ConnectionInfo("", 10000);

        //Get a connection with the specified connectionInfo
        TCPConnection serverConnection = TCPConnection.GetConnection(connectionInfo);

        //Send a packet of type RequestCustomObject and wait synchronously until
        CustomObject myCustomObject = serverConnection.SendReceiveObject<CustomObject>("RequestCustomObject", "CustomObjectReply", 10000);

        //Perform further operations on the received object here
    catch (ExpectedReturnTimeoutException)
        //We can decide what to do here if the synchronous send and receive timed out after the specified 1000ms

    Console.WriteLine("Client done!");

i.e. the 4th parameter on the send is not required.

I am not sure exactly what about your configuration is causing problem or why adding a fourth parameter to the send makes any difference.

What platforms are you testing on?