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Hi, I am not aware of the inner details about UDP implementation in NetworkComms but let me suggest you a couple of things. Until NetworkComms offers better support for UDP use it only for sending packets with an amount of bytes lower than the MTU size. The MTU size without counting header bytes is 1500 bytes (chose 1440 to be fine). Your send rate, 15 times per second is ok, but the size (10KB) per packet (using UDP) is not ok. For this to properly work the NetworkComms team should have to implement “Congestion Control” for UDP and other features that emulates TCP like fragmenting big UDP packets into smaller size datagrams and so on. Also remember than when using UDP in current implementation of NetworkComms packets can be lost, out of order and duplicates.

My current advice is that you should try with TCP, and if you are streaming video you can use a codec for compression instead of sending raw images frames (just compressing to jpg is not enough). However if this is not a problem of buffer overflow as you point out, TCP should do the work since 10KB 15times per second is ok in terms of bandwidth for most networks.