NetworkCommsDotNet.DPSBase NamespaceNetworkComms.Net Help
Provides base functionality required to convert custom objects into byte streams. Includes data processing interfaces which can be used to modify the serialised byte streams.

Public classBinaryFormaterSerializer
DataSerializer that uses .Net OnlineBinaryFormatter to perform OnlineObject serialization
Public classDataPadder
DataProcessor which pads data section of a packet using to a fixed size
Public classDataProcessor
Provides methods that process data in a OnlineStream into another OnlineStream. Can be used to provide features such as data compression or encryption
Public classDataSerializer
Provides methods that convert an OnlineObject into a OnlineByte[]
Public classDataSerializerProcessorAttribute
Custom attribute used to keep track of serializers and processors
Public classDPSManager
Automatically detects and manages the use of DataSerializer and DataProcessors. Any DataSerializer or DataProcessor in an assembly located in the working directory (including subdirectories) will be automatically detected.
Public classExplicitSerializer
Serializer that will only serialize objects implementing the IExplicitlySerialize interface
Public classNullSerializer
Use only when serializing only primitive arrays. Will throw an exception otherwise
Public classRijndaelPSKEncrypter
DataProcessor which encrypts/decrypts data using the Rijndael algorithm and a pre-shared password
Public classSecurityCriticalDataProcessorAttribute
Custom attribute used to label data processors as security critical or not

Public interfaceIExplicitlySerialize
Interface defining serialize/deserialize methods

Public enumerationDataPadder DataPaddingType
The type of data padding to use