ConnectionInfo Constructor (String, Int32, ApplicationLayerProtocolStatus)NetworkComms.Net Help
Create a new ConnectionInfo object pointing at the provided remote ipAddress and port. Provided ipAddress and port are parsed in to RemoteEndPoint.

Namespace: NetworkCommsDotNet
Assembly: NetworkCommsDotNet (in NetworkCommsDotNet.dll) Version: (

public ConnectionInfo(
	string remoteIPAddress,
	int remotePort,
	ApplicationLayerProtocolStatus applicationLayerProtocol


Type: OnlineSystem String
IP address of the remote target in string format, e.g. ""
Type: OnlineSystem Int32
The available port of the remote target. Valid ports are 1 through 65535. Port numbers less than 256 are reserved for well-known services (like HTTP on port 80) and port numbers less than 1024 generally require admin access
Type: NetworkCommsDotNet.Connections ApplicationLayerProtocolStatus
If enabled NetworkComms.Net uses a custom application layer protocol to provide useful features such as inline serialisation, transparent packet transmission, remote peer handshake and information etc. We strongly recommend you enable the NetworkComms.Net application layer protocol.
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