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The Connection type exposes the following members.

Public propertyConnectionDefaultSendReceiveOptions
The default SendReceiveOptions used for this connection
Public propertyConnectionInfo
Connection information related to this connection.
Public propertyStatic memberConnectionKeepAlivePollIntervalSecs
The interval between keep alive polls of all connections. Set to int.MaxValue to disable keep alive poll
Public propertyStatic memberDefaultMSPerKBSendTimeout
The default milliseconds per KB write timeout before connection specific values become available. Default is 1000. See MinNumSendsBeforeConnectionSpecificSendTimeout.
Public propertyStatic memberMaxNumSendTimes
The maximum number of writes intervals to maintain. Default is 100.
Public propertyStatic memberMinimumMSPerKBSendTimeout
The minimum number of milliseconds to allow per KB before a write timeout may occur. Default is 20.0.
Public propertyStatic memberMinNumSendsBeforeConnectionSpecificSendTimeout
The minimum number of writes before the connection specific write timeouts will be used. Default is 4.
Public propertyStatic memberMinSendTimeoutMS
The minimum timeout for any sized send in milliseconds. Prevents timeouts when sending less than 1KB. Default is 2000.
Public propertyStatic memberNumberOfStDeviationsForWriteTimeout
The number of standard deviations from the mean to use for write timeouts. Default is 3.0.
Public propertySyncRoot
Connection level SyncRoot which can be used to perform multiple thread safe operations on this connection external to NetworkComms.Net
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