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The DistributedItem type exposes the following members.

Public propertyChunkCheckSums
Optional MD5 checksums for individual chunks. Useful for debugging build issues.
Public propertyChunkSizeInBytes
Maximum size of each chunk in bytes. The final chunk may be less than this value.
Public propertyItemBuildCascadeDepth
The cascade depth to use when building this item. Default is 1
Public propertyItemBuildCompleted
The DateTime this DFS item was successfully built.
Public propertyItemBuildMode
The build mode describing how the item should be built, i.e. memory or disk, as a single stream of multiple blocks
Public propertyItemBytesLength
Total item size in bytes.
Public propertyItemCheckSum
The MD5 checksum for the completed item. Used to validate a completed build.
Public propertyItemIdentifier
A unique string identifier for this DFS item. Usually a filename.
Public propertyItemTypeStr
A category for this DFS item. Allowed items to be grouped by item type.
Public propertyPushCount
The total number of times this item has been pushed.
Public propertySwarmChunkAvailability
Contains a record of which peers have which chunks of this DFS item
Public propertyTotalChunkSupplyCount
The total number of chunks pushed to peers
Public propertyTotalNumChunks
Total number of chunks for this item
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