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The DFS type exposes the following members.

Public methodStatic memberAddItem
Adds a distributed item to the local cache and informs any known peers of the item availability
Public methodStatic memberAllLocalDFSItemKeys
Returns all item MD5 checksums for DFS items
Public methodStatic memberAllLocalDFSItemsWithBuildTime
Returns a dictionary of DFS items along with corresponding ItemBuildCompleted times
Public methodStatic memberCheckForSharedItems
Communicates with the provided peer to see if any item swarms can be linked. This is a single link event, possibly use InitialiseDFSLink() for a maintained link.
Public methodStatic memberCloseConnectionToCompletedPeers
Closes all connections to peers who have completed items
Public methodStatic memberDisableLogging
Disable logging in networkComms
Public methodStatic memberEnableLogging
Enable logging in networkComms using the provided logging adaptor
Public methodStatic memberGetDistributedItemByChecksum
Returns the distributed item with a matching itemCheckSum. Returns null if item is not found.
Public methodStatic memberGetDistributedItemByIdentifier
Returns the distributed item with a matching itemIdentifier. Returns null if item is not found.
Public methodStatic memberInitialise
Initialises the DFS
Public methodStatic memberInitialiseDFSLink
Initialises this DFS peer to repeat all items available on the linkTargetIP
Public methodStatic memberItemAlreadyInLocalCache(String)
Returns true if an item with a matching itemCheckSum is present within the local cache
Public methodStatic memberItemAlreadyInLocalCache(DistributedItem)
Returns true if the provided item is already present within the swarm
Public methodStatic memberMostRecentlyCompletedItem
Returns the most recently completed item in the DFS. Returns null if there are no DFS items.
Public methodStatic memberPushItemToPeer
Introduces a new item into the swarm and sends a build command to the originating requester
Public methodStatic memberRemoveAllItemsFromLocalOnly(Boolean)
Removes all items from local only
Public methodStatic memberRemoveAllItemsFromLocalOnly(String, Boolean)
Remove any items from the DFS with a matching itemTypeStr
Public methodStatic memberRemoveItem
Remove an item from the DFS. Possibly swarmWide and with or without a removal broadcast
Public methodStatic memberShutdown
Shutdown the DFS. All local DFS items are deleted.
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