Client CreateProxyToPublicNamedInstance I  Method NetworkComms.Net Help
Creates a remote proxy instance for the desired interface with the specified server and object identifier. Instance is public in sense that any client can use specified name to make calls on the same server side object

Namespace: RemoteProcedureCalls
Assembly: RemoteProcedureCalls (in RemoteProcedureCalls.dll) Version: (

public static I CreateProxyToPublicNamedInstance<I>(
	Connection connection,
	string instanceName,
	out string instanceId,
	SendReceiveOptions options = null
where I : class


Type: NetworkCommsDotNet.Connections Connection
The connection over which to perform remote procedure calls
Type: OnlineSystem String
The name specified server side to identify object to create proxy to
Type: OnlineSystem String 
Outputs the instance Id uniquely identifying this object on the server. Can be used to re-establish connection to object if connection is dropped
options (Optional)
Type: NetworkCommsDotNet SendReceiveOptions
SendRecieve options to use
Type Parameters

The interface to use for the proxy

Return Value

Type: I
A proxy class for the interface I allowing remote procedure calls
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