HostInfo IP FilteredLocalAddresses Method (Boolean)NetworkComms.Net Help
Returns all allowed local IP addresses. Caches results for up to 5 second since the previous refresh unless forceCacheUpdate is true. If RestrictLocalAdaptorNames has been set only returns IP addresses corresponding with specified adaptors. If RestrictLocalAddressRanges has been set only returns matching addresses ordered in descending preference. i.e. Most preferred at [0].

Namespace: NetworkCommsDotNet.Tools
Assembly: NetworkCommsDotNet (in NetworkCommsDotNet.dll) Version: (

public static List<IPAddress> FilteredLocalAddresses(
	bool forceCacheUpdate


Type: OnlineSystem Boolean
If true will refresh the cache and return latest result

Return Value

Type: OnlineList OnlineIPAddress 

[Missing <returns> documentation for "M:NetworkCommsDotNet.Tools.HostInfo.IP.FilteredLocalAddresses(System.Boolean)"]

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