DistributedItem Constructor (String, String, Stream, List ConnectionInfo , ItemBuildMode, Boolean, Int32)NetworkComms.Net Help
Instantiate a new DFS item which is complete.

Namespace: DistributedFileSystem
Assembly: DistributedFileSystem (in DistributedFileSystem.dll) Version: (

public DistributedItem(
	string itemTypeStr,
	string itemIdentifier,
	Stream itemData,
	List<ConnectionInfo> seedConnectionInfoList,
	ItemBuildMode itemBuildMode,
	bool enableChunkChecksum = true,
	int itemBuildCascadeDepth = 1


Type: OnlineSystem String
A category string which can be used to group distributed items together.
Type: OnlineSystem String
A unique identifier for this item, usually a file name
Type: OnlineSystem.IO Stream
A stream containing the data for this item
Type: OnlineSystem.Collections.Generic List ConnectionInfo 
A list of connecitonInfo corresponding to peers that will act as seeds
Type: DistributedFileSystem ItemBuildMode
The build mode to be used for distributing this item, i.e. memory or disk, as a single continuous stream or blocks
enableChunkChecksum (Optional)
Type: OnlineSystem Boolean
If true checkSums will be validated for each chunk before it is integrated. Reduces the performance of the DFS.
itemBuildCascadeDepth (Optional)
Type: OnlineSystem Int32
The cascade depth to use when building this item. Default is 1
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