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The DFS type exposes the following members.

Public fieldStatic memberChunkRequestTimeoutMS
The number of milliseconds after which a chunk request times out.
Public fieldStatic memberItemBuildTimeoutSecsPerMB
The number of seconds to allow per MB when building DFS items
Public fieldStatic memberMaxConcurrentLocalItemBuild
The maximum number of DFS items that can be built concurrently
Public fieldStatic memberMaxConcurrentPeerRequests
The maximum number of concurrent chunk requests to make to the same peer
Public fieldStatic memberMaxTotalItemRequests
The total number of simultaneous chunk requests for a given item
Public fieldStatic memberMinChunkSizeInBytes
The minimum size of DFS item chunks
Public fieldStatic memberPeerBusyNetworkLoadThreshold
While the peer network load goes above this value it will always reply with a busy response
Public fieldStatic memberPeerBusyTimeoutMS
The time in milliseconds after which a peer busy flag is removed
Public fieldStatic memberPeerMaxNumTimeouts
The maximum number of times a chunk request can timeout from a peer before it is removed from the swarm
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