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The IPTools type exposes the following members.

Public methodStatic memberAttemptBestIPAddressGuessObsolete.
Depreciated - . Attempts to guess the best local OnlineIPAddress of this machine for accessing the provided target OnlineIPAddress. using the Windows API, to provided targets. This method is only supported in a Windows environment.
Public methodStatic memberBestLocalEndPoint
Determines the most appropriate local end point to contact the provided remote end point. Testing shows this method takes on average 1.6ms to return.
Public methodStatic memberIsAddressInSubnet
Returns true if the provided address exists within the provided subnet.
Public methodStatic memberParseEndPointFromString
Converts an IPAddress in string form (IPv4 or IPv6) with an appended port number, e.g. or ::1:10000, into an OnlineIPEndPoint.
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